Mother's Day is almost here on Sunday, May 12! Order Mom a beautiful arrangement from Pondelek's! :)
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Baskets Of Blooming  in Hellertown, PA | PONDELEK'S FLORIST
Baskets Of Blooming
Our gorgeous baskets of blooming are the perfect gift this spring! Filled with assorted spring bulb plants that are just starting to bloom. Colors & plants vary.
Shown at $80.00
Shown at $80.00
Easter Bouquet Premium Designer's Choice in Hellertown, PA | PONDELEK'S FLORIST
Easter Bouquet
Premium Designer's Choice
Take Easter flowers up a notch with our Premium Designer’s Choice arrangement! Celebrate the beauty of this spring holiday with flowers that speak volumes. This stunning vase arrangement is the perfect way to make Easter extravagant. Send these spectacular blooms to someone you love today!
Shown at $90.00
Shown at $90.00
Spring Silk Logs Artificial in Hellertown, PA | PONDELEK'S FLORIST
Spring Silk Logs
Our Silk Spring Logs are now available! These cemetery logs are filled with an assortment of artificial flowers perfect for decorating your loved one's resting place this Easter + Mother's Day. If you'd like to order please call us at 610.838.0961. Please note each log is different with it's assortment!
Shown at $63.95
Easter Arrangement Premium Designer's Choice in Hellertown, PA | PONDELEK'S FLORIST
Easter Arrangement
Premium Designer's Choice
Easter flowers can be so elegant, especially when they’re designed by our professional florists like the ones in our Premium Designer’s Choice arrangement! These colorful, pastel blooms are exactly what your home needs to celebrate this spring holiday! The Easter Bunny has got nothing on these beautiful flowers!
Shown at $65.00
Shown at $65.00
Tulip Trio Arrangement in Hellertown, PA | PONDELEK'S FLORIST
Tulip Trio
This flawless and colorful arrangement is sure to impress! You can't go wrong with these breathtaking lavender, pretty pink, and wondrous yellow tulips. They're sure to bring life, light, and happiness to any room or occasion!
Shown at $95.00
Shown at $95.00
Easter Special Designer's Choice in Hellertown, PA | PONDELEK'S FLORIST
Easter Special
Designer's Choice
Celebrate Easter with flowers designed by our professional florists! Our holiday special arrangement is the perfect gift for the ones who love to decorate for all the festivities. Send these beautiful blooms to someone you love! This bouquet will have everyone feeling the joy of Easter.
Shown at $75.00
Shown at $75.00

3 Ways People Use Flowers for Easter

The temperatures are shifting, and optimism is in the air as spring makes its debut. What better way to mark this special time of beauty and joy than with a graceful and bright arrangement of Easter flowers? There are so many wonderful reasons to celebrate this beautiful occasion.

Creating An Easter Themed Dinner Table Elevate your dinner table setup to the next level. You may specially assemble your table for Thanksgiving or Christmas time. PONDELEK'S FLORIST can help you brighten up your table for the spring with a lovely Easter arrangement. Your stylish décor and beautiful combination with a fresh set of flowers will be a sight to behold.

Livening Up The Room With A Spring Feel Springtime is known for grass being greener, trees beginning to bud, flowers blooming, and the reappearance of various animals that remained hidden during the cooler months. Fill the rooms of your home with a refreshing feeling of elegance and nature’s gift of beauty. There are a variety of flowers that would be perfect to mark this new season.

Gifting Basket As children, it was common for people to receive an Easter basket full of goodies, brightly colored plastic eggs, and toys. As adults, you can share the joy and excitement of Easter as well. Celebrate this Easter by gifting your parents, grandparents, friends, businesses, or neighbors with a beautiful basket of bright flowers to light up their day.

Christians Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ A variety of denominations rooted in the Christian faith celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ during the time of Easter. It is popular for families or members of Christian churches to purchase peace lilies. Some purchase white flowers or incorporate peace lilies to be placed in their home as a reminder or members will donate them to their church to help provide additional décor.

Gift A Gardener Know a fellow green thumb? Whether you are family or friends with a farmer or home gardener, you can give them nature's gift of lovely flowers. This gift will not only acknowledge their passion and enjoyment for tending the Earth, but will also brighten their day through a special surprise.

However you choose to celebrate this Easter, PONDELEK'S FLORIST can help you find the perfect flower arrangement. Explore our selection on our Easter flowers page or contact us at (610) 838-0961 with any questions you may have. One of our associates would be happy to help you.